Bowen Island

Serving Bowen Island residents and businesses since 1990. Advantage Waste Specialties Inc. has a 4-WD truck to meet all of your environmental service needs. Advantage Waste makes regular trips out to Bowen Island so can provide you with the best rate. We offer affordable waste management solutions including grease trap services, vacuum truck services, septic tank cleaning and residential and commercial tank decommissioning. We even have a low profile truck to service hard to reach areas.

As a Bowen Island resident it is important you have your septic tanks and shared septic fields pumped out and cleaned regularly as it can plug up the leaching septic field requiring costly repair and impairing the ability of the soil to treat septic tank effluent and causing environmental pollution. Keep accurate records on location of the system, permits, and cleaning, inspection, and repairs as you need to pass this information to the next homeowner.

Commercial Bowen Island businesses with a kitchen are required to have grease traps. Advantage Waste can save you time and money by providing you with regular grease trap maintenance.

For more information visit the Bowen Island Municipality website here: