Catch Basin, Sump Cleaning, Parking Lot Drains

We clean all parking lot drains and can get into an underground garage as low as 6’2″, with our low profile trucks. Our entire fleet is equipped with pressure washers and water to ensure every job is done completely, leaving no remaining contaminants and using as little of the customers water as necessary. Our fleet includes trucks ranging from low profile single axle to tandem axle high vacuum blower powered vehicles to suit all needs.

Drains and catch basins should be serviced regularly to ensure sand and debris do not enter the drainage system which can lead to costly plumbers repairs or needless line jetting. However, if your catch basins and sumps are not draining, Advantage can clean out the contents and jet the lines to get things flowing again. If your parking lot is flooding or if you are unsure of the last time your catch basins were serviced have an Advantage Waste Services Representative visit your site to evaluate your needs.

Click here to read up on our latest writeup in BCAOMA Magazine titled : Flood Prevention, Parking lot and drainage maintenance Tips to maintain your catch basin and keep your sump clean.