Pipe Cleaning, Line Jetting and Flushing

Blocked drains of all shapes and sizes can be cleared with a method known as line jetting or hydro flushing.

Line jetting uses high pressure water forced through a nozzle on the end of a flexible line to break up blockages inside pipes. As the blockages and debris are flushed from the pipe, the vacuum truck sucks it away. our pipe cleaning equipment can also be equipped with tools such as chain flails and root cutters that can cut and clean more difficult blockages.

Hydro jetting can be used on wood, food waste, sanitary waste even concrete and construction debris. It is proven effective on pipes from 1″ all the way up to 6+ feet. Our fleet of vacuum trucks is equipped with high pressure water for line jetting and pressure washing.

In our fleet, we also have a dedicated sewer/hydro flushing truck that specializes in the cleaning of pipes. It has proven to be a great value to our customers, enabling us to clean pipes greater than 6 feet in diameter.

Using video inspection cameras, Advantage Waste can show you where your drain is blocked and what is the cause of the blockage is. Together with our equipment and 20+ years of experience, we can get the problem cleared.

Contact Advantage Waste today and find out how we can offer a solution to your drainage needs.