Richmond is a unique island city with Sea Island nearby and is centrally located on Canada’s West Coast and close to downtown Vancouver and the U.S. border. Advantage Waste Specialties Inc. has been a part of this city, meeting its waste management needs. We have been helping Richmond property owners follow the City of Richmond’s specific requirements of connecting to the city sanitary sewer and drainage system.

Advantage Waste Specialties Inc. is an environmental service company offering affordable waste management solutions to all of Richmond, from west of Queensborough to the Vancouver International Airport and from River Rd to Steveston Hwy. Our services include Vacuum Truck Services , Grease trap cleanup, Septic tank cleaning, Sump cleaning, Catch basin services, Line jetting, Environmental emergency cleanup, Liquid waste removal including Bunker/Fuel Oil, Oily Water, Bilge Water, Jet Fuel, Solvents/Thinners, Interceptor Wastes and more. For more information about Advantage waste services, visit services.

Advantage Waste also specializes in oil tank removal in the Richmond area.

For more information about compliance requirements to Richmond’s drainage, dyke and sanitary sewer system, read the two PDF’s available here. There is also information about grease trap maintenance in Richmond available.

If you are a business / restaurant owner, environmental contractor, or affiliated with the City of Richmond, visit solutions for waste management solutions that best fit your needs.