Save money maintaining your Grease Traps

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Improper maintenance of grease traps causes kitchen sinks and drains to back up and foul smells and messes. More importantly, it can lead to expensive down time and repair costs! Restricted flow caused by food waste and grease in the main trap body and hardened fats, oils and grease in the drainage pipes are the two most common problems. Both of these problems can be minimized by not overloading the trap and following a regular grease trap cleaning schedule.

Sign on with an Advantage grease trap maintenance plan today and receive a 10% discount off regular grease trap services, and your second service at 50% off.

Not all grease traps need to be serviced at the same interval. The volume of business, type of food prepared and the size of the grease trap will dictate the frequency of service. Advantage will pump the contents of the tank, clean the inlet and outlets and baffles, inspect the trap for any damage, check the seal and replace the lid. The same will be carried out every time we come to service the trap.

Blocked drains?

Line jetting is the most effective way to clear blocked drains, as it breaks up and flushes the blockage away using high pressure water. Snaking and other more traditional methods are not nearly as effective at restoring clear dependable drainage.

We don’t just pump the grease trap out, we work to ensure your grease trap operates trouble free between services. From the removal of the contents, line jetting and maintenance of seals and tank body, we can help reduce downtime and odours in your kitchen.

We carry grease trap gasket materials to make quick onsite repairs, as well as a line of degreasers and deodorizers that we use to keep the grease trap area clean and sanitary, minimizing odours.

Should it be shown conclusively that a grease trap has been inadequately serviced by one of our technicians, we will correct the problem immediately or return payment to the customer.

Whenever possible, we recover grease trap materials to be recycled and turned into green energy.

Some companies insist that chemicals, enzymes and additives are effective ways to “bioremediate” the grease and food waste inside the trap, making servicing of the trap almost unnecessary. We have seen no evidence that these methods are effective. A grease trap environment is not like a septic tank or treatment plant that would permit such breakdown of wastes. Also, the addition of these types of chemicals in many municipalities is illegal due to the way chemicals emulsify and send the grease downstream.

City bylaws require regular servicing of grease traps

It is punishable by city enforced fines should the grease trap be underserviced and downstream plumbing become restricted by grease that has escaped the grease trap. Advantage will keep you compliant with your local municipality regulations, and help keep your kitchen running smoothly with a customized grease trap maintenance schedule.

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