Septic Tank Cleaning

A Must Read for Homeowners

Owning a home these days can be an expensive endeavor. Housing costs are at record highs and along with the costs of natural gas, taxes and electricity, funds to maintain your property may be unavailable with absolutely no budget for major repairs. One of the largest costs a homeowner may face is the cost of replacing a neglected or misused septic tank drainage field. This cost of replacing a drainage field can reach as high as $30,000.00.

Our goal at Advantage Waste is to provide quality services. Offering complete services and education on proper maintenance techniques may help avoid these major repair costs. Septic systems are relatively simple in their operation. When maintained properly, your septic system can give you many years of trouble free service. Click here to see how a septic system works.

There are several reasons that may contribute to the premature failure of a septic drainage field. Each example below is due to the same cause–contamination of the drainage field.
The drainage field has been contaminated with solids from the septic tank, after an incomplete servicing. If a service company does not remove all of the contents from the tank, the floating sludge or “scum” can be carried out into the drainage field, ruining its ability to take and disperse the water/liquid portion from the tank.

Servicing the septic tank too infrequently has allowed the septic drainage field to be contaminated by solids. If the tank is allowed to fill with a large amount of sludge, these solids will be carried out with the water/liquid portion to the drainage field. Sludge will travel into the pipes and the surrounding drain rock, blocking the flow of water. This causes backups, wet spots on the ground above the field, and can potentially back up into your home.

The septic tank and/or associated piping is damaged. The inlet and discharge tees, baffles, and other parts of your septic tank need to be inspected with each servicing. If a tee or baffle is missing or broken, sludge will enter the drainage field reducing or stop the flow, as outlined above.

We offer the following service packages in answer to the risks mentioned above.

Silver Service

Starting at $205

  • Removal of all the contents from the tank, pressure washing the interior walls and floor
  • Visual inspection of the tank and its components
  • Clearing the inlet and outlet tee areas (depends on access)

Gold Service

Starting at $275 includes Silver Service as well as:

  • Line-jetting the immediate outlet and inlet pipes, to remove any grease and sludge buildup and help prevent future backups (depends on access)
  • Includes a digital photo of the interior of your tank after service, for your quality assurance and email it to you on request (photos will be stored in our database with the job details)

Platinum Service

Starting at $350 includes Gold Service as well as:

  • Distribution or soap box cleaning
  • 30 minutes of drainage field jetting

Additional services available:

  1. Sanitary pump station cleaning.
  2. Septic Tank locating
  3. Holding tank pumping

Additional charges apply for Maple Ridge, Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Anmore/Belcarra, Deep Cove, Lions Bay, Bowen Island

Homeowners hoping to save money by stretching out septic tank service intervals or using the fastest or cheapest service company available may inadvertently be taking financial risks.

For example, if a septic field has a lifespan of about 30 years with servicing every three years (average recommended interval) that would amount to only 10 services. On our Gold service plan at a cost of around $275 per service, that works out to only $2,750 spent over 30 years on a system that can cost $30,000 or more to replace, if prematurely damaged. At around $200 for a reputable competitor to simply “pump” your tank, the 30 year savings would only be $750 dollars (that’s less than 7 cents per day) to protect your investment.

Advantage Waste Specialties is a “quality over quantity” company. We provide thorough and professional services. Our customers feel the added quality and assurance is well worth it.

If you need further information or require any of our services, please call us at (604) 604-630-8755 or contact us here.