Vacuum Truck Services

Advantage Waste Specialties Inc. offers a more efficient and less costly way for our customers to have large amounts of liquid waste materials removed. We operate a fleet of full time vacuum trucks and dual-purpose trucks that are equipped with modern technology to do the job. We also have low profile trucks that are able to enter underground parking lots, which allow us to be flexible at various work sites.

Vacuum truck services include:

Call us for an on site visit/sampling and a quote for your bulk liquid waste disposal needs.

“I wanted to thank Alan personally for coming out on a long weekend to fix a problem that another company had caused two days earlier. The kicker was that the other company said they couldn’t help me until Tuesday. I had 200 people coming to my house so my septic issue had to be solved right away and Alan just wasn’t willing to let my event be ruined so he came to save the day. It’s the best service I have had in the industry. Make them your first call – you wont regret it!”


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Burnaby municiple regulations

Bowen Island municiple regulations